Update on Yonathan Tesfaye Regassa

The case is pending before the court. On 20 February, 2017 of the two remaining defence witnesses that were scheduled to give testimonies, Dr Merera Gudina (Chairman of OFC) and Eskinder Nega (one of the 24 convicted in the case Andualem Arage Wale and 23 others, and is currently serving a life sentence), Dr Merera was not present in court, leading the court to adjourn the scheduled testimony of both witnesses to 2 March, 2017. The testimonies of the accused’s father and sister have already been heard in court as well as those of Dr Yacob Hailemariam and Befeqadu Hailu (one of the accused in the case Soliana Shimeles G/mariam and 9 others and is currently appealing an altered charge brought against him before the Federal Supreme Court).  Please see this report on the statements given by defence witnesses.

Please click here to read the abridged summary of the charges in this case.

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