Tinsae Beriso Gersu and 9 others


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Federal High Court

Lideta Criminal Bench

Addis Ababa

Case – Tinsae Beriso Gersu and 9 others

  1. Tinsae Beriso Geresu
  2. Daniel Tesfaye Tessema
  3. Girum Asikew Hailu
  4. Tewodros Asfaw Mulete
  5. Firew Tekle Fikre
  6. Ermias Tsegaye Tedla
  7. Assega Assefa Gebeyehu
  8. Getachew Yirga Degineh
  9. Shete Mulu Ayneneh
  10. Haile Mammo Teketay

Charge – against all accused charged with:

  • The offense of contravening article 32(1)(a) of the FDRE Penal Code of 2004 and article 7(1) of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009)
  • Participating in the offense as principal offenders and accepting the commission and consequences of the offense, participating as members in the terrorist organization Ginbot 7 with the intent to dismantle the constitutional order by force, communicating with and receiving a mission to commit terrorist acts from senior leaders of the organization via social media, telephone conversations and in person

Prosecutor’s evidence

Statements obtained from accused while in state custody

  • Statements given to police by accused while in custody under article 27(2) of the FDRE Criminal Procedure Code – 1st accused (page not specified), 2nd accused (page not specified), 4th accused (page not specified), 5th accused (7 pages), 6th accused (page not specified), 8th accused (page not specified)


  • Report by the National Intelligence and Security Service showing telephonic correspondence by 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th accused (page not specified)
  • Correspondence from a facebook account used by 4th accused to incite terrorist acts (page not specified)
  • Inciting messages posted on a facebook account used by 5th accused to communicate with members of the terror group (7 pages)
  • Inciting messages posted on a facebook account used by 6th accused to communicate with members of the terror group (page not specified)


  • A Techno mobile phone, an 8GB memory card and a sim card seized from 2nd accused
  • A Techno mobile phone, an iphone, two sim cards seized from 3rd accused
  • A Nokia mobile phone, a Samsung mobile phone, a 1.6 GB memory card seized from 6th accused
  • A Nokia mobile phone seized from 7th accused
  • A Kenxinola mobile phone seized from 9th accused


  • In accordance with Proclamation 699/2003 and article 32 of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009), the identity of the prosecutor’s witnesses not revealed in the copy of the charge given to the accused

Please click here to download the full charge in Amharic.


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