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Update on Okelo Akuai Uchala and 6 others

The case has been closed with the court deciding on 27 April, 2016 that all the accused were guilty of the offenses they were charged with.  The 1st defendant, Okelo Akuai, was sentenced to nine…

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Update on Nigist Yirga Tefera and 5 others

The case is pending before the court and has been adjourned to 22 February 2017 to hear the prosecutor’s response to the preliminary objections of the accused. On 14 February 2017, the 1st defendant, Nigist…

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FDRE Criminal Code (2004)

Some of the charges covered under this site are brought under the Criminal Code of Ethiopia. Please click here to download the Criminal Code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, 2004 (FDRE Penal Code)

Lideta Court

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ተ.ቁ No. ሙሉ ስም File Name የቀጠሮ ቀን Next Hearing ፍርድ ቤት Court የተቀጠሩት Reason 1 እነ ጉርሜሳ አያኖ Gurmesa Ayano et al 20/06/09 27/02/2017 ልደታ   Lideta High court ሲዲ ለማየት Prosecutors’ Exhibit viewing…

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Update on Omot Agwa Akuai and 2 others

The case has been closed with the court acquitting and releasing all the accused except for the 1st defendant, Omot Agwa, who is currently defending a charge altered from one of terrorism to an offense…

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Letter From Qilinto Prison

On November 24, 2016 Ethiopian prosecutors have charged at least 38 inmates for “causing fire and beating 23 prisoners to death and making them burn” at Qilinto prison, a maximum security prison located in the…

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