Nigist Yirga Tefera and 5 others

Nigist Yirga

Federal High Court

Lideta Criminal Bench

Addis Ababa

Case – Nigist Yirga Tefera and 5 others

  1. Nigist Yirga Tefera (aka Yirgedu)
  2. Alemneh Wasse G/Mariam
  3. Tewodros Telay Kume (aka Gizaw Telay Sime)
  4. Aweke Abate Gebeyehu
  5. Belayneh Alemneh Abeje
  6. Yared Girma Haile

Charge details

  • The offense of contravening articles 32(1)(a)(b) and 38 of the FDRE Penal Code of 2004 and article 3(4) and (6) of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009)
  • Participating in the offense as principal offenders and accepting the commission and consequences of the offense, becoming members of the terror organization calling itself Ginbot 7, receiving a mission from the organization, communicating via telephone and social media with members and leaders of the organization in the country and abroad; causing damage to government and private organization property by soliciting money domestically and from abroad to commit terrorist attacks in different zones in Amhara Region, ordering the purchase of weapons, inciting and leading protests in different zones in the region and communicating with groups armed for the purposes of committing terrorist acts

Prosecutor’s evidence

Statements obtained from accused while in state custody

  • Statements given to police by the accused while in custody under article 27(2) of the FDRE Criminal Procedure Code – 1st accused (15 pages), 2nd accused (15 pages), 3rd accused (7 pages), 4th accused (6 pages), 5th accused (12 pages), 6th accused (8 pages)


  • Report by the National Intelligence and Security Service on all the accused (68 pages)
  • Proof of money transfer from the terror group abroad to 1st accused into an account in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ras Dashen Branch from a person named Serkalem (5 pages)
  • Letter from Selam Bus S.C (1 page)
  • Report from Amhara Regional State Police Commission Crime Investigation (50 pages)
  • A document recording that a weapon was found in the residence of 3rd accused (1 page)
  • A document recording that mobile phones were seized from 2nd and 6th accused (1 page)
  • Written evidence sent by Ethio Telecom (1 page)


  • A photograph of 3rd accused with exhibit


  • In accordance with Witness Protection Proclamation 699/2003 and article 32 of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009), the identity of the prosecutor’s witnesses not revealed in the copy of the charge given to the accused

Please click here to download the full charge in Amharic.

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