New: Tufa Melka Hordofa

Tufa Melka Hordofa

Plaintiff: The Federal Public Prosecutor


1st Tufa Melka Hordofa, Age 22

Address: Oromia Regional State, West Shewa Zone, Gamo Woreda, Meki Town

2nd. Kedir Bedasso Wako

Address: Oromia Regional State, West Arsi Zone, Shashemene Town

Summary of the charges 

The defendants are accused of committing a terrorist act in contravention to Article 3/1/2 of the Anti-terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009.

Specific cases brought against the defendants

The 1st Defendant, after he was recruited as the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) terrorist organization and received order to recruit other members; participated in violent political protests; he took part in leading the political protest at the annual Ireecha celebration, in which 55 people has been killed and many other got injured.

The 2nd Defendant, after he joins the OLF terrorist group, he tirelessly works to incite the political protest at the annual Ireecha celebration and actively communicating with other elements in and outside the nation and causes turmoil that results the death of 55 people and injured many.

List of evidences and exhibits


The Prosecutor General presents 4 Police witnesses.

 Documentary evidences

  • 6 pages confession statement provided to the Police as per Article 27 (2) of Ethiopia’s Criminal Procedural Code – by the 1st
  • 7 pages intelligence document prepared as per Article 14/1 of the Anti-terrorism proclamation by the National Intelligence and Security Service against the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th
  • 7 pages document provided by the Oromia Police Commission, which lists the name of 55 people died at the annual Ireecha celebration.
  • 5 pages document provided by the Oromia Health Bureau, Bishoftu General Hospital, which shows the cause of the death of 36 people who died on the annual Ireecha celebration.
  • 5 pages of pictures found on the defendants cell phone

Real evidence

  • The Prosecutor General provided two Video CDs that will show the protest at the Ireecha celebration and the damages caused by it to the court of law.


please  Click Here to download the charge in PDF (Amharic)

Additional Note: Tufa Melka and Kedir Bedhasso are accused of inciting violence at the annual Ireecha festival on Oct. 02/2016, in Bishoftu town, about 45km south of the capital Addis Ababa. Please click here to read our initial reporting.



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