Updated: Terrorism charges in Ethiopia: Aggregate table by File name; No. of defendants; Case No; Bench No; alleged affiliation; next court hearing; and reason for appointment


NOTE: This aggregate table contains 81 separate cases of Terrorism charges brought against approximately 765 individuals.

The table indicates in horizontal chronology: File Name; No. of defendants; Case No; Federal Court Bench No; alleged affiliation of defendants to a suspected or designated terrorist organization; next court hearing schedule and the reason for adjournment of the next hearing.

Some of the File names are hyperlinked to previous summaries we have archived, but challenges related to accessing copies of the full charges mean the work can only be done incrementally.

No File Name
No of Defendants in the same file
Case Number
Federal Court Bench No. Alleged affiliation Next Court Hearing  Reason for Next Adjournment
1 Abdi Adem Guye et al 6 212/09 4th OLF 22-May-17 to read the charge
2 Abdulwehab Mehadi et el 8 168/07 BPLM 04-Apr-17
3 Abebe Temesgen et al 10 PG7
4 Abebe Yehuala et el 5 PG7
5 Abel Kebede et el 3 4th PG7 5-Jun-17 verdict
6 Abera Lemi Dore et el 5 OLF 10-May-17 Prosec. Witness
7 Abete Araro 1 4th OLF 19-May-17 Prosec. Witness
8 Abreham Zewedu et el 5 PG7
9 Amanueal Yemalo et el 32 19th Instigating Ethnic conflicts 10-Jul-17 Def. Witness
10 Amin Yeyo Mumed et el 17 OLF 20-Mar-17
11 Amsalu Mestayet et el 6 PG7
12 Ashenafi Tesheta Mamo et el 4 OLF
13 Assefa Gedamu et el 2 PG7
14 Ayanaw Tadesse  et el 2 19th PG7 10-Apr-14 Verdict
15 Bedada Deribesa et el 17 4th OLF 01-Jun-17 Prosec. Witness
16 Bederu Ababor  et el 9 Fereqetu Lenajeya
17 Bederu Yesuf et el 5
18 Birhanu Kassahun et el 2 PG7
19 Daniel Akuma et al 2 106/07 OLF
20 Dechasa Bedada Senbeto et el 2 19th OLF
21 Deko Wako Dembeba et el 2 4th OLF 5-Jun-17 Verdict
22 Demelash Bizuayehu et el 8 19th Instigating Ethnic conflicts 18-May-17 Def. Witness
23 Demisse Banti Regassa et el 6 OLF 09-Mar-17
24 Dereje Alemu Desta et el 22 4th OLF 15-May-17 Prosec. Witness
25 Deribesa Damte et el 19th 23-Jun-17 Pros. Witness
26 Desta Dinqa et al 4 19th OLF 02-Jun-17 Prosec. Witness
27 Dr. Merera Gudina et el 5 249/09 19th 2-Jun-17 Verdict on Preliminary. objection
28 Ephrem Konchel et el 46 19th Instigating Ethnic conflicts 1-Jun-17
29 Eyoel Murate 1 179/08 19th
30 Feleke G/Hiwot et el
31 Fraol Daniel et el 8 4th OLF 09-Jun-17 Prosec. Witness
32 Gebre Nigussie et al 14 4th PG7 18-May-17 Verdict on Prosec. Witness
33 Geleta Chala et el 11 216/09 OLF
34 Getachew Mekonnen et al 16 382/06 4th PG7 16-June-17 defendants sentenced 
35 Getachew Shiferaw 1 414/08 4th PG7 26-May-17 Sentenced to 18 months
36 Gulema Gebissa Deme et el 12 4th OLF 7-June-17 Prosec. Witness
37 Gurmessa Ayana et el 22 452/08 4th OLF 16-June-17 Verdict (Postponed)
38 Habtamu Hachalu et el 11 19th OLF April 5 & 6/2017 Prosec. Witness
39 Habtamu Milkessa et el 33 19th OLF 15-May-17 Prosec. Witness
40 Ismael Bekele et el 23 4th al-Qaeda and al-Shabab 17-May-17 Sentenced from 3 to 15 years
41 Jafar Mohamed et el 7 Al Hawarij
42 Jara Hawass 1 4th OLF 6-Jun-17 Verdict
43 Kassahun Shengie et el 2 4th TPDM 12-May-17 Prosec. Witness
44 Kedir Umer Ankur et el 12-Apr-17
45 Kejela Gelana et el 19th OLF 12-Jun-17 Verdict
46 Keleb Seyum 1 4th PG7 22-May-17 Sentenced to 4 years
47 Kelil Usman et el 19th July 24-26/ 2017 Pros. Witness
48 Kemer Haji Sano Adem 9 19th OLF 18-May-17 P. Obj. to the Charge
49 Kindu Mohammed et el 9 226/09 19th PG7 6-Jun-17 Verdict on prosec. objection
50 Lulu Mesele  et al 13 4th PG7 May 10&11, 2017 Def. Witness
51 Mamuye Dhiro 1 229/09 4th OLF 19-May-17 Prosec. Witness
52 Masresha Sete Bire el 38 19th PG7/OLF/Alshabab 01-Mar-17
53 Mebrahetu Getahun et el 5 4th PG7
54 Melekamu Ambachew et al 3 PG7
55 Melkamu Gebeyehu et el 19th 15-May-17 Pros. Witness
56 Melkamu Kinfu et al 8 4th OLF 16-May-17 Preliminary objection  to the Charge
57 Messay Tiku et el 2 4th PG7 29-May-17 Verdict
58 Miftah Sheikh Surur et al 19th 23-June-17 Pros. response to preliminary objection
59 Miseteru Sisay Et al 4 PG7
60 Mohammed Omer et el 2 4th 11-Apr-17 To read the charge
61 Negede Shewakena et el 3 PG7
62 Nejat Taju et el 4th 29-May-17 Pros. Witness
63 Nigist Yirga Tefera et el 6 4th PG7 23-May-17 Prosec. Witness
64 Nuredin Mamaye et el 19th 29-Jun-17 Pros. Witness
65 Olana Kebede et el 21 115/08 19th OLF 17-Mar-17 verdict
66 Omot Agua 1 19th GPLM 17-Mar-17 to hear Def. Witnesses
67 Pilman Kuwot et al 10 29/07 GPLM
68 Setegn Bilelegn et al 2 PG7
69 Solomon Mekonnen et el 6 4th 18-May-17 Read the charge
70 Teshome Ragassa et el 16 19th OLF Mar 21 &22 , 2017 Prosec. Witness
71 Tilahun Edosa et el 19th 2-Jun-17 Veritict on Pro. Wit
72 Tinsae Beriso et el 10 19th PG7 July 17-18/2017 Prosec. Witness
73 Tolossa Beyene et el 3 4th OLF Def. Wittness
74 Tsadik Yera et el 18 375/07 19th Instigating Ethnic conflicts 3-Jul-17
75 Tsegaye Alemu et el 19th 19-Jul-17 Pros. Witness
76 Worku Deriba 8 4th OLF 26-Apr-17 Prosec. Witness
77 Yakob Sheraton et el 37 4th Instigating Ethnic conflicts May 16-23,/2017 Def. Witiness
78 Yared Hussen Ibrahim et el 121 2nd
79 Yohannes Mengiste et el 6 PG7
80 Yonathan Tesfaye 1 414/08 4th OLF 25-May-17 Verdict (Sentenced to 6.5 years)
81 Zuber Biqila et al 3 Fereqetu Lenajeya .


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