New: Mamuye Dhiro Gutema


Federal High Court

Lideta Criminal Bench

Addis Ababa

Plaintiff: federal prosecutor

Defendan:  Mamuye Dhiro Gutema

Year of Birth 1992

BA Degree in Afaan Oromo from Ambo Univerity

Address Oromia Regional State Special Zone, Holeta town Kebele 01

NOTE: Mamuye Dhiro was a former journalist at TV Oromia, and was one of the 21 journalists fired in May-June 2014.

Accused of

Violating art 32/1/a of the 2004 criminal code and art 7/11 of the Anti-Terrorism proclamation 652/2009.

Charge description

  • The Defendant is accused of being a member of Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and attempting to jeopardise social security, homicide, and property destruction.
  • communicating with the leaders and member of OLF, advocating propagandas through media platform specially via Facebook to help OLF succeed its mission of the terror group through his Facebook account
  • Posting messages of incitement to agitate Oromo youths to participate in acts of disobedience in Addis Abeba/Finfinnee saying ´the one who feared will die, and we are on the circle of boxing´
  • Spreading messages that the armed forces of OLF have already entered the Ethiopian territory,
  • Encouraging the Oromo to continue the fight with team spirit in order to defeat the government
  • Posting messages about the need to fight for freedom and disapproval of slavery in cities and villages to continue the sacrifice of thousands brave Oromo generation.
  • Spreading a message for the public to avoid the emblem of ‘Weyane’ which is a sign of slavery and replace it by the OLF emblem since it’s the sign of freedom and victory of Oromia.
  • Spreading terrorist propaganda such as the action of the cruel enemy is the indication of the downfall of the government so we should continue the fight
  • It is expected from Oromo nationals who are within the state and abroad to fight in order for the Oromo population’s land ownership and Oromos freedom
  • It’s expected from those who are fighting for Oromos freedom to extend and organize the fight, to free the Oromo from the yolk of slavery for the Qeerroo to lead and empower, as to succeed the aim,
  • To end the fascist actions of Weyane on Oromo population, victory for OLF; our fight will end up in victory…

Generally, the defendant is accused of participating and contributing a crucial role to support the OLF by spreading a propaganda of disobedience through social media outlets.

Prosecutor’s witnesses

  1. Abraham Mechal, address Addis Ababa Gulale
  2. Demere Teklu, address Addis Ababa Gulale
  3. Constable Misganau Abebe address Addis Ababa Bole Locality 5
  4. Colonel Desalegn Abadi address Addis Ababa Bole locality 5
  5. M/General Minlargili Gashaw address Addis Abeba Bole locality 13.

Material evidence

  • A statement given by the defendant in accordance to art 27
  • The defendant’s messages on Facebook, 44 pages.
  • A mobile exhibit registered on exhibit file no 148/2009, 1p
  • Samsung DUS mobile with sim card and removable memory.


Please   Click Here to download the full charge in PDF (Amharic)

Please Click here to see the aggregate table indicating File Name; No. of defendants; Case No; Federal Court Bench No; alleged affiliation of defendants to a suspected or designated terrorist organization; next court hearing schedule and the reason for adjournment of the next hearing. Mamuye Dhiro is listed at NO. 51

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