New: Feta Alemu Demessa

Feta Alemu

Plaintiff: The Federal Public Prosecutor


Feta Alemu Demessa, Age 19

Address, Addis Ababa N/L/S/C, East Woreda 12


Summary of the charge 

The defendant is accused of actively participating in the activities of a terrorist organization in contravention of Article 7/1 of the anti-terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009.

Specific cases brought against the defendant

The defendant, after he was recruited as a member of the proscribed terrorist organization, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF):

  • He took part in illegal violent protests,
  • He participate and conspire in clandestine meetings with other members of the OLF,
  • He was found possessing numerous pictures that shows the activities of the OLF – in his cell phone .

List of evidences and exhibits

  1. Witnesses

The prosecutor General presents 4 Police witnesses and 2 circumstantial witnesses


  1. Documentary evidences
  2. 6 pages confession statement provided to the police as per Article 27 (2) of Ethiopia’s Criminal Procedural Code by the defendant.
  3. 5 pages of pictures found on the defendant’s cell phone
  4. Exhibit

1 Cell phone seized from the defendant upon an arrest.


  1. Real evidence

A Video CD that shows the pictures extracted from the defendants cell phone.

Please  click here to download the charge in PDF (Amharic)

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