New: Deko Wako Dembaba and Alemu Muye Kabiyu

Deko Wako Dembaba and Alemu Muye Kabiyu

At Federal High Court

Lideta Criminal Bench

Addis Ababa


Defendants Name and address

  1. Deko Wako Dembaba, Age 54, address Oromia Regionals state west Arsi.
  2. Alemu Muye Kabiyu, Age 28, address Addis Ababa.


Defendants are charged with

The two defendants are charged with Art 32/1/b of the 2004 criminal code and art 7/1 of 652/2001 the anti-terrorism proclamation of Ethiopia.

Charge Description

The two defendants are accused of:

Acting as principal criminal to help succeed the intentions of a terrorist organization, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) by putting pressure on the government, terrorizing the society and attempting to violently overthrown the political and constitutional establishments or abolish the constitutional order of the country by means of establishing themselves in Shashamane city of the Oromia regionals state as OLF operatives.

The 1st defendant Deko Wako Dembaba acted as the organizer of OLF cell group in Shashamane city using different cellphones to coordinate an act of firearms robbery.

On 4/10/2016, the 1st defendant made a conversation with another member of OLF who was in Asela city of the Oromia regional state to assign recruits as members so as to communicate with the 2nd defendant in Addis Ababa and assuring the capability of group to commit firearms robbery.

He additionally he communicated about:

  • the equivalence of strong intensity of violence and terror in Addis Ababa and in Shashamane cities
  • A destruction on the Haromaya branch of Dashen  bank
  • The prosecution of civil servants, and the death of four people from the government side.
  • The terror violence in Bulehora.
  • The betrayal of 12 police officers from the government.
  • Entry of 100 armed force members from OLF to Dodola city in west Arsi in order to destroy correctional facility in Dodola
  • Participate to free Kore and Dodola from governmental administration by taking responsibility to achieve the missions of OLF leader Jawar Mohammed.

2nd defendant Alemu Muye Kabiyu involved himself as OLF member with the 1st defendant through mobile phones to organize the violence in Shashamane city.

In addition he:

On October, 5, 2016, following the information given to him from another OLF leader named Mame about a meeting he conducted abroad with Jawar Mohammed and other OLF members, in return he informed others about:

  • The preparation of the member groups of to destroy a correctional facility in Dodola.
  • The overall plan to take measures on government soldiers.
  • The information on hand about the planned act of terror inside Addis Ababa.
  • The failed bomb attack in Shashamane city
  • Ongoing terror act and violence from “Ayer Tena” to Sebata in Addis Ababa
  • Firearms robbery by “Qeerroo” Members on a military camp in Shashamane.

On September, 24, 2016 he also explained to his role in collecting and addressing information to Jawar Mohamed to another organizer of terror called Kedir Bedaso who resides in Shashamane.

Prosecutor evidence

  1. Four pages statement given by 1st defendant in pursuant to art 27/2 of the criminal code
  2. Five pages statement given by 2nd defendant as per the same article
  3. Seven pages of technical evidence which witness the overall activity of defendants in Oromia region Shashamane city in organizing the terror and violence in accordance to art 4/1 of 651/2009 of anti-terrorism proclamation.
  4. A document which expresses money received by the 2nd defendant from other members abroad via commercial bank of Ethiopia in order to financially supplement the act of disobedience on 15/02/2017.


  1. From 1st defendant, SMADL mobile with 3 sim cards registered on E/F/NO 126/09 by F/P/C/I Biro.
  2. From 2ND defendant Samsung galaxy s5 amount 2 with 2 sim cards registered on E/F/NO 125/09


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