Habtamu Milkessa Chali and 32 others

Federal High Court

Lideta 19th Criminal Bench

Addis Ababa

Case – Habtamu Milkessa Chali and 32 others

  1. Hambtamu Milkessa Chali
  2. Assistant Sergeant Chala Fikadu Abdeta
  3. Getinet Leme Hailose
  4. Bekelcha Qufa Begna
  5. Lemessa Abichu Duressa
  6. Mekonnen Gebissa Gedefa
  7. Tsegaye Gadissa Uba
  8. Abonssa Akuma Hondara
  9. Assistant Sergeant Bekuma Tadesse Finda
  10. Dinsa Fafa Diriba
  11. Eleku Abona Mekuria
  12. Eshetu Deba Negeo
  13. Tadesse Negeo Gemeda
  14. Umnessa Bedassa Mideksa
  15. Robile Abdisa Ketila
  16. Bekele Terressa Regassa
  17. Negese Bersissa Debele
  18. Kassahun Mulissa Muleta
  19. Abdi Tariku Deressa
  20. Dejene Feyisa Taffa
  21. Tariku Boki Debela
  22. Abdisa Boka Tujuba
  23. Emiru Negeo Jemma
  24. Melkamu Tadele Beye
  25. Assistant Sergeant Tesfae Abate Demisse
  26. Tekalign Bulecho Gemeda
  27. Assistant Sergeant Kumsisa Duguma Milkesa
  28. Kinfe Mekonnen Tessema
  29. Constable Gemechu Tariku Ejigu
  30. Tolossa Bedada Debere
  31. Shiferaw Girma Senbeta
  32. Biniam Chala Geresu
  33. Sintayehu Mekonnen Geda

First charge – against 1st and 2nd accused charged with:

  • The offense of contravening article 32(1)(a) of the FDRE Penal Code of 2004 and article 7(2) of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009)
  • Since 2007, becoming members of the terrorist organization Oromo Liberation Front, domestically organizing themselves under the cover of “Ye Mariam Tsebel Edir”, organizing the cell structure of the terror organization as under the name “Qerro Bilisuma Youth League”, recruiting members, identifying and preparing places for meetings; since August/September 2015, holding meetings at the homes around Bole Bulbula area of 23rd accused Emiru Negeo, 24th accused Melkamu Tadele and other members of the terror group, with members of the organization, namely the other individuals accused in this case, prosecutor’s witnesses and other not yet identified individuals, to have themselves (1st accused Habtamu Milkesa and 2nd accused, Assistant Sergeant Chala Fikadu) elected as Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the Qerro Bilisuma cell; having the members hold the flag of the OLF and pledge allegiance to and commit themselves to fulfill the aims of the terror organization through their knowledge, labor and money;

  • Giving directions and instructions to the members of the organization that Oromia’s land should not be sold/handed over on account of the Addis Ababa Master Plan, that the Oromo people should unite and that the members of the terror organization must use their knowledge, labor and money to fight government and bring together the Oromo people whose unity the government is trying to dismantle by cutting up its land; that the civil servants in the organization should not implement the directives of the government; that members of the organization that are security officials should not implement orders to take measures, but should instead turn the gun against the government and attack the government; that other members of the organization should, during protests by the organization, block roads to prevent the quick arrival of government vehicles; that members should support the organization by making financial contributions and arranging for the sale of OLF flags and cassettes and books on the aims of the terror organization to raise money; that members should recruit members when they return to the places where they live

Second charge – against 3rd-33rd accused charged with:

  • The offense of contravening article 32(1)(a) of the FDRE Penal Code of 2004 and article 7(1) of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation (652/2009)
  • Becoming members of the domestic Qerro Youth League of the OLF, an organization listed as a terrorist organization by the FDRE House of Peoples’ Representatives; attending and participating in the meetings called by the terror organization in Bule Bulbula, and recruiting members

Please click here to download the full charge in Amharic.

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