Case Updates


New: Mamuye Dhiro Gutema

Federal High Court Lideta Criminal Bench Addis Ababa Plaintiff: federal prosecutor Defendan:  Mamuye Dhiro Gutema Year of Birth 1992 BA Degree in Afaan Oromo from Ambo Univerity Address Oromia Regional State Special Zone, Holeta town Kebele…

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NEW: በጎንደር የቀድሞ አንድነት ፓርቲ አመራር የነበረችው ቀለብ ስዩም ዛሬ የ4ዓመት የእስር ቀጣት ተወሰነባት

አርበኞች ግንቦት 7ትን ልትቀላለቀል ስትል መያዟን ጠቅሶ አቃቢ ህግ በፀረሽብር አዋጁ አንቀፅ 7(1) ክስ የመሰረተባት በጎንደር የቀድሞ አንድነት ፓርቲ አመራር የነበረችው ቀለብ ስዩም ዛሬ የ4ዓመት የእስር ቀጣት ተወሰነባት። ቀለብ ለአንድ አመት ከ11 ወር ያክል በእስር…

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Update on Yonathan Tesfaye Regassa

The case is pending before the court. On 20 February, 2017 of the two remaining defence witnesses that were scheduled to give testimonies, Dr Merera Gudina (Chairman of OFC) and Eskinder Nega (one of the 24…

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Update on Masresha Sete Bire and 37 others

The case is pending before the court and has been adjourned to 1st March 2017 to hear prosecutor’s response to the accused’s preliminary objections. The prosecutors have requested the court for trials to be in-camera…

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Updates on Kedir Mohammed Yusuf and 19 others

The case has been closed with the court deciding that all the accused were guilty of the offenses they were charged with and sentencing them. The 13th accused Darsema Sori was sentenced to 4 years and 5…