Letter From Qilinto Prison

On November 24, 2016 Ethiopian prosecutors have charged at least 38 inmates for “causing fire and beating 23 prisoners to death and making them burn” at Qilinto prison, a maximum security prison located in the southern outskirt of the capital Addis Ababa during a fire incident in early Sep. 2016. The number of the accused has since grown when a further 121 prisoners were charged with the same accusation. Please see the abridged summary on the 121 accused prisoners here and the previous 38 accused prisoners here.

The fire at the Qilinto prison on September 3, 2016 has caused the death of disputed numbers of inmates and the destruction of, according to the charge, over 10 million birr worth property.

However, the accused have told a federal court that they were subjected to several forms of torture including solitary confinement. A letter written in Amharic and was sent out from Qilinto prison on behalf of the accused detailing their condition, including about the investigation of the fire by the federal prosecutor office can be found here in pdf.


letter from prison on Qilinto prison fire incident

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